January 1, 2009

The Two BEST RPG Blog Posts in 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Progress on OPEN GAME TABLE: The 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs rolls on! Last month, the Anthology Reviewers finished their work beyond all my most optimistic predictions. It was a marathon month of RPG blog reading for me, and no doubt for those actually scoring the 135 nominations for the Anthology. By midnight last night, I received over 750 reviews (!!) from 13 reviewers covering RPG blogs as rare or as common, as outstanding or as craptacular as they come. The Anthology Reviewers will be revealed on Monday, along with example of some of the artwork submitted by the Anthology Artists.

But for today, for the New Year, and for the readers of this blog... I give you by overwhelming scores the two BEST RPG BLOG POSTS of 2008. Why two? Because both of these posts were scored far above the median (technically, they were 'extreme outliers') for every single category the reviewers were scoring for. And here they are:

Extreme Makeover: Tavern Edition
by Storyteller, while guest blogging at ChattyDM's blog.

Braunstein: the Roots of Roleplaying Games
by Ben Robbins, author of the RPG blog ars ludi

Haven't read these posts yet? Well, by all means jump over there and check them out. These and many other excellent posts will hopefully be featured in the Anthology when it comes into print in the next month or so (assuming of course, the authors agree to allow me to publish their works). Stay tuned, more excellent RPG blogging is on the way...

And THANK YOU to everyone who has shown so much support for this project for the last 3 months!!!


  1. I should add that there were about 10 or so VERY close second place winners!

    AND... nothing will be printed in the anthology until I've received authorization/permissions from each respective author.

  2. I'm happy to have hosted one of the winning entries!


  3. Both excellent posts, perhaps the two RPG blogs I've most enjoyed reading this year. If only Ars Ludi would give us more of those delicious posts.

    I still say ChattyDM's bedtime series warmed more hearts than any other this year. Melt your January blues here http://chattydm.net/tag/bedtime-roleplaying/


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