January 12, 2009

Weekly Anthology Progress Update - Editors, Sponsors, Artists!

The last week has been a busy one for the RPG Blog Anthology project. Last week's update was "major", but this week seems no less important. It seems like every time I check my inbox there's an email from someone working on some aspect of the book. Just yesterday the final / official permissions contracts have been sent out by DocuSign.com and most of them have already been returned completed by the Contributing Authors. Things just keep falling into place smoothly... Wohoo! It's good to be busy!

Assistant Editors
After I put out an announcement on the RPG Blogger's Google Group for Assistant Editors I got tons of replies - which was a pleasant surprise. So, four additional people will be helping me with the copy editing, chapter organization, layout, etc. Please welcome these four great individuals to the OPEN GAME TABLE team:
  1. Ben McFarland from Open Design and Kobold Quarterly
  2. Dave "The Game" Chalker, from Critical-Hits
  3. Jeffrey Uurtamo from The Bone Scroll
  4. Tasha Dalcher from Stupid-Ranger
Thank you for the help!

I'm very, super awesomely pleased that two additional Sponsors and another game company have stepped up to the plate and pitched in to financially support this project. Please join me in thanking our latest Individual Sponsors Beau Case and Donovan Vig for donating their hard earned cash to help the cost of printing! Also, I'm extremely pleased the ROGUE GAMES has joined us in being an Advertising Sponsor. They will be featuring a half-page ad on the last page of the book along with Otherworld Miniatures.

If you would like to also support the project with a donation, please feel free to use the PayPal link below. The funds donated will be used to alleviate the printing costs of the complimentary books that will be provided to the artists, authors, and volunteers who are working so hard to help make this project a reality. Companies interested in advertising space within the book (or on the exterior back cover) should contact me directly by email, jonathan DOT jacobs AT gmail DOT com.

The artists who have volunteered for the project have been hard at work sending in more concept sketches for all the various blog posts that are being included in the Anthology.

Can you guess what blog posts these concept sketches are for?


  1. That's great news on the sponsor front. I was beginning to get worried that we would not make our goal. About how close are we to our target number now?

  2. It's a bit of a moving target. 1) becuase the page count has not been finalized, the current early draft is around 145 pages. Page count affects, obviously, the printing cost per book; and 2) the number of volunteers who have significantly contributed to the project now stands at around 57 people (I may be counting a few people twice, just a quick estimate). I want to provide copies of the book to all of them, and IDEALLY provide a second copy of the book to an independent gaming, comic, or book store of their choice. Thus, lets say 114 copies of the book plus shipping costs... the book (guessing here) costs $6 to print. It weighs under 2lbs, thus the is estimated to be $2.58/book mailed in the US. So we are looking at $8.58 per book I send out (estimated)... ~$489 to cover the costs for the volunteer/author copies; and the same again to send the book out to as many FLGS stores as I would like.

    So far, I've received about $190 in individual donations; and another $100 (promised, but not yet received) in advertising sponsorships. So, while I am very thankful for what I have received thus far, we are still about $200 away from covering the costs of the volunteer's copies. In time, I think I'll be able to hit it - otherwise I'll just depend on the sales (hopefully) of the book to cover these costs.


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