December 6, 2008

Around the blogs...

Saturday... time for my weekly RPG blog round up.
  • RPG Blog Carnival #3: RELIGION is finally closed and a nice write up / summary has been posted over at The Dice Bag. Check it out!
  • RPG Blog Carnival #4: Transitions and Transformations has begun and is being hosted by There's already a nice number of additions, including my own series about The Skill Challenges of WAR.
  • A post over at GnomeStew titled "Lessons From The Long Campaign– Delivering The Goods" by DNAPHIL offers up some excellent advice on how to END a long-running campaign with an appropriate BANG!
  • In case anyone missed it, is running their second season of RPG Superstar 2009. Could be a great way to "break into" the RPG industry if that's something that floats your boat.
  • Meanwhile, anyone looking to "break into" the RPG blogging community must read MadBrewLabs series of articles RPG Blogging Tools (Part 1 and Part 2). The (so far unfinished) series is something I wished I had come across when I first got started. Even now though it provides a number of good reminders of what to do and what not to do. I'm looking forward to more articles in this series...
  • Since I've been thinking about skill challenges, I found this post over at Key Our Cars, "Skill Challenge Thoughts by Mike Mearls", to be especially useful. Thanks guys!
  • More firearms for 4E have made an appearance over at A Butterfly Dreaming, "White Knights and Black Powder".
That's it.

I honestly haven't been doing much reading of NEW blog posts this week because my attention has been largely focused on the reviewing process the 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs. So far, the reviewers who volunteered their time have already turned out 159 reviews in only a few days!!! Hats off to them, they are busting their arse getting the reviews done.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, thank you. And I'm glad to hear the Anthology process is still going well.


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