December 10, 2008

Of Pathfinder and Paizo

"What WotC/Hasbro has done is not to bring the fantasy RPG fanbase more closely under its control, but to split it down the middle..." -- Chad Perrin
Most readers of this blog are likely 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons players, as I am. However, I've been curious about Paizo and how Pathfinder "came to be". For some reason this is one thing the RPGaholic in me is lacking a clear understanding of. Well, fortunately I came across a fantastic blog article today that paints a very clear picture of all the ins and outs of Dragon, Dungeon, Pathfinder, Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, and Hasbro. I'm speaking of Chad Perrin's "How Paizo Fixed D&D." It reads like a drama, and if you haven't read it already then please check it out right now. Its awesome...

Oh, and one more thing... thank you to all the Artists who have signed up for the Anthology already! A decision will be made in a week or so. If you are an artist looking for opportunities to build your portfolio (or you know one) then please click here.


  1. Huh... I think that it is a HUGE conceit to say that WotC has split the fan base down the middle. I have hope that Paizo will grow and be successful but I find it difficult to believe that half of D&D gamers, or anywhere near that number, will stay with 3.5 for a significant duration. I do hope that enough adopt Paizo products for them to be successful, and I think they have already proven that they can make that happen. As for me, I'm a 4e fan, and a 3.5 fan, and maybe even a Pathfinder fan.

  2. I'm with you Dar - a fan of it all. But currently I'm _playing_ 4E and have no plans to go back to 3.5; Chad's article was just so damn interesting to me ... I didn't know the backstory of how Paizo came to be.


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