December 12, 2008

Mother Nature as Inspiration

Mother nature proves again and again to be the best source for new creations and monsters for my games. A few months ago I posted about Trilobites, and then followed up with a 4E type stat block for the buggers. Well today, I'm presenting The Bot Fly Larvae. My vision for these creatures in Dungeons & Dragons would be they would be parasites of large-sized or larger creatures; and offer up a second wave of enemies once you've defeated their hosts. Alternatively, the presence of these bugs in the bodies of the defeated could be some sort of organic treasure or a resource for specific Rituals.

So today, I give you the real-world version of The Bot Fly Larvae.

Read the whole article from if you really want to make yourself sick.

What's more interesting is that a related species of parasitic fly-larvae are considered a delicacy by some cultures.
"In cold climates supporting reindeer or caribou-reliant populations, large quantities of Oedomagena tarandi ("warble fly") maggots are available to human populations during the butchery of animals. These are relished in modern times by Eskimos as important seasonal luxuries containing high levels of protein, fats and salt. Copious art dating back to the Pleistocene in Europe confirms their importance in premodern times as well" -- Wikipedia.
Now we have inspiration for not only a new monster, but possible a new class of items for use in game. For example: the larvae extracted from the flesh of dead mythical creatures are rumored to possess magical qualities to anyone who eats them.

For me, mother nature always seems to be a reoccuring source of inspiration. Where do you get your inspiration for new content in your games?


  1. This is one of those times I don't mind my fantasy breaking with realism ;) [skin crawling]


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