March 1, 2009

RPG Blog Carnival - Monster & Maps

When I started working on Open Game Table I asked for people to choose what categories of posts they would want in the anthology. New maps and monsters came out as one of the top categories, but the problem was that these were one of the least blogged about topics. We had virtually no submissions on these topics, save for a very few excellent posts. So, when it came to be my turn again to host the RPG Blog Carnival for February I naturally chose Maps & Monsters to be the topic. I'm very pleased to report that we had some excellent contributions as a result.
  1. The Art of the Near TPK not only features a regular new monster or other crunchy bit for your 4E game... but Jennifer Weigel (one of the artists contributing to Open Game Table) usually adds in her own illustrations of these Weekly What the Heck creatures. Last month we saw:
    1. The Demodracosauralisk (L15 Elite Artillery)
    2. Triclops Manipulator (L20 Soldier) and the Ultimate Dungeon Master (L35 Solo Brute) LOL!
    3. Shellsong Siren (L10 Lurker) and the Archaic Gastropod (L2 Soldier)
  2. Project Valient also contributed -- but sadly their site has vanished (anyone know what happened?).
  3. Newbie DM delivers again, this time with his first post to be included in the RPG Blog Carnival -- Rufus Drunkbeard and a map of his tavern for 4E D&D.
  4. Vulcan Stev comes out swinging with three new NPCs and creatures for Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG. If you like Pirates of Caribbean and want the stats of a whole host of characters and creatures from those flicks for your PotSM RPG game -- drop by his site and check out all his hard work. Anytime someone includes a Monkey, a Kraken, and a dead guy in the same post -- he's on my A-list
  5. Compromise and Conceit's author wants you to use your camera as a automatic map-maker in "Map-making the easy way…" He also posts "Infernal Constructs: The Myrmidon" along with some amazing artwork -- click through to see it.
  6. Bob over at The Dice Bag jumps into the carnival with some excellent musings on "The Value of a Good Map". So -- do you loath mapping for RPGs too?
  7. RPG Brouhaha reviews the online "E-Adventures Mapping Tool". Individual experiences may vary -- but Harnish's review is worth a look if you are looking for something useful for quick, easy mapping.
  8. Chgowiz from Chgowiz's Old Guy RPG Blog throws his name into the carnival hat with a PDF download of his WinterWar campaign adventures - "The Kobold Caves of Terror".
  9. Fame & Fortune also adds some maps to the mix with "Undead Maps for the Carnival".
  10. Mad Brew Labs also shows up to the carnival, post in hand, with "Map Tutorial from the Cartographers’ Guild". Mad Brew links to an amazing tutorial that -- if anything -- should top your reading list to check out in depth.
  11. Spirits of Eden shows up as well with 4E D&D stats for Utsuho, the final boss of Subterranean Animism and Kuannei, a world-ending "Scourge" monster. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
  12. And finally, Mike Bourke of Campaign Mastery contributes to the carnival with a MASSIVE 3 - part series (!) with "The Flói Af Loft & The Ryk Bolti"; which is quite possibly the weirdest blog post title I've ever seen too. Go get a cup of coffee... and enjoy this lengthy read; it will be well worth your time.
That is it! Excellent work by everyone involved... my only wish is that I had more time to participate in my own way other than hosting it. Hopefully, once Open Game Table is published... I'll have more time to just get back to blogging. =D


    1. Thanks for the links (and heads-up, otherwise I wouldn't have made it!) but the blog linked thar be Spirits of Eden, matey...

      ...why did I segue into pirate talk?

      Also, vericode is "quiters."

    2. I had a blast with this one. I'll be participating in future carnivals. Hmmm is it too late to volunteer to host one of these things?

    3. @Wyatt -- change be happ'nin thar surely be.

      @ Vulcan Steve -- nope! are you a member of the RPG bloggers google group? we have a schedule there, just add yourself to the list!


      Carnival Schedule

    4. Project Valiant: Yeah, I know what happened. I'm an idiot. The correct link SHOULD have been:
      Project Valiant Monsters.

      Sorry :/

    5. This post will be a keeper, just for the availability of maps and monsters. Great stuff!

    6. @Jonathan Just checked the schedule. Everything for this year is claimed. Oh well, as soon as 2010 gets posted, I'll claim one of those months

    7. That error be contagious - satyre lite should be reading Fame & Fortune. And the talking piratical be because of the maps, see?


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