September 10, 2008

Core Lists: MONSTERS - Updated

Just a quick note today. I've updated my "Core List: Monsters" to include 61 additional monsters found in
  • Dragon #364 (19 monsters)
  • Dungeon #155 (11 monsters)
  • Dungeon #156 (12 monsters)
  • Dungeon #157 (19 monsters)
The terrain data for each of the creatures are based on my best guess from existing data and past editions, since 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons does not include terrain information in the stat blocks. The addition of terrain data should assist Dungeon Masters using the Interactive Table with placing these additional creatures in their planned or random encounters. All the new additions should also be reflected in the linked interactive table. And, for the studious: I did not include every single new creature found in the above sources. Unique or setting specific creatures were generally omitted; and there's obviously more data to add to the list (FRCS book, other Dragon mag's, etc). Finally, if something is not working - please let me know.


  1. This is a great list, but for some reason i can't access the interactive version. Which i guess means that i can't sort by the columns. it would be quite useful to be able to sort by the columns.

  2. @ mdonle: Oh! OK.. i've clicked the 'republish' button in Google docs... hope that helps. If not - please let me know. i'm thinking I may just start hosting these lists as Excel files with AutoFilters. Would that be better?

    Also this block of code will allow you to display the list (as it is now) on any webpage:

    script src=""


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