September 15, 2008

RPG CARNIVAL LOGO CONTEST - Win Prizes, Bragging Rights, and a Free Critical Hit Coupon

[rerun of the second announcement]

Earlier this month I announced a new contest here at The Core Mechanic: The RPG Carnival Logo Contest. So far, I've received two excellent entries from Reis O'Brien @ Geek Orthodox, and Greywulf @ Greywulf's Lair. In addition, Bartoneos (of Critical Hits fame) and Jaytori (Tenletter) are also expected to submit something to the contest. While four players seems to be the magic number for D&D party's - for logo contests...

More and More and More is better!

So... I want to urge everyone to submit their coolest logo for the RPG Blog Carnival! And, to help things along - not only am I throwing in $20 at for the winning entry - everyone who submits anything will also receive a FREE SIGNED CRITICAL HIT COUPON!!!

click for bigger

That's right... this nifty coupon can be yours to hold and to keep close to your heart. Imagine what could be accomplished with this:
So... to top all these great prizes you'll also get bragging rights. No doubt everyone at your FLGS will bow to your greatness as the winner of the RPG Blog Carnival Logo Contest!

So, here are the two entries I've recieved thus far. Please - NO COMMENTS or VOTING! Hold the voting till the end of the contest (last friday in September).

Greywulf @ Greywulf's Lair

Reis O'Brien @ Geek Orthodox

I love what I've seen so far, but let me see more entries! I wait patiently for your coolness...


  1. Count me in! I'm currently at the University studying for graphic designer so I can certainly use the practice.

    However, to really make an efficient logo I'd need to have a little chat with you. The design process is usually geared at producing a specific communication and doing it off the top of my head will not be the same.

    So we have two choices, if you can spare some time you can send me an e-mail (you can find the address at my website) and we can arrange for a little chat. If you'd rather not, I'll try to get something done for you. In any case I'm hoping you'll let me know what you want to do.


  2. @ Fred : Well... feel free to email me - - not sure what you mean by "producing a specific communication". I mean - the RPG Blog Carnival seems pretty self explanatory - obviously I'm NOT a designer (have you SEEN my site?! haha!) so I'm probably missing the point. I think maybe "a logo that captures the carnival like spirit of blogging for the RPG community" might be a place to start. does that work?

  3. Oh damn, not sure if I'll be able to top Reis', that thing is freaking sweet! (No offense greywulf)

  4. Hey Jonathan, when does this contest end?

  5. The contest ends the same day as the second round of the RPG Blog Carnival - the last friday of the month (September 26th).

  6. Blunderbuss - I used to think like you when I was a graphic design student too. We were constantly so worried about "what the client envisions" and all that crap. So listen to me when I tell you this; trust yourself as a designer and RUN WITH IT! Don't over-think it. I'm sure you'll do us proud!

  7. Damn, I didn't spend as much time as I would like (app. 1 hour so far). I was wanting to do it in Illustrator, but a quick ink/color in Photoshop will have to do.

    Here is the link to my entry.

  8. Gah! link is broken... fix it quick!

  9. Son of a .... the I provided only worked if I was logged in...

    Oh well... here is the link anyways...

  10. MadBrew : No problem! I've added another entry to include your image, even it is a bit late. THANKS FOR THE SUBMISSION!


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