September 14, 2008


Another list, Core Lists: ADVENTURES, makes its way into my little data project. As usual, you can expect this list to be updated as new 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures are published by WotC and (hopefully) independent publishers. Currently, the teeny-weeny list contains the 12 adventures from the Core Adventure Path (H1, H2, etc), and from the various Dungeon eZines that have come out since June. Its a start I guess.

Click the link above for a full screen, or just check out the embedded version below.


  1. Great idea.
    Missed the Scourge of the rat men already out from indy publisher.

    Here for a review and the link to the publisher and PDF seller.

  2. Not sure if i want to track all the indy publishers... as that might be much more work than I want -- but I've added scourge in the meantime. THanks for the tip! Are there any other published 4E adventures out yet?

  3. Yeah: the goodman games ones. Dungeon crawl #53 is already out and 54 and 55 are planned


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