September 9, 2008

Upcoming - Help me prioritize

OK, so real-life has bogged me down from being able to post my benchmark daily posts. My apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog. After looking over my notes in my moleskin - I can see that I actually have several projects due to see some face time on this blog; but I guess I'm having a bit of writer's block. Maybe you can help me figure out which of these projects I work on first, then which second.

The Core Mechanic's Unfinished 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Project List
  • Core Lists. I've already released two Core Lists, but the Monsters' Core List needs more updating to include all the creeps from recent 4E versions of the DRAGON and DUNGEON ezines. Also, I want to create lists for the community of powers (at-will, encounter, daily, etc), magical items, traps, and feats. Why? I dunno - I'm sure you can find a use for them.
  • Core Threats. I came out with The Dead Queens of Morvena a few weeks ago, and recently Caretakers. I have a number of ideas for additional creeps - but given how easy it is to put together custom creatures in 4E - I'm not sure how much mileage these creeps would get from the community. If there's interest - then I'm definately willing to make more of them.
  • Core Conversions: Early on in this blog I set out to convert 3E things to 4E (monsters, templates, etc). Would you like to see more of this?
  • Developing The Dead Queens. This was actually a suggestion my wife made. I believe I have a good foundation for more material related to this series (The Fetherruin, the tombs, who was the king, what happened to the Incabus, etc). Would you be interested in seeing more of this?
  • Tinglefoot, Tinglefoot, Tinglefoot Cube. I recently posted about my recovery of an old adventure idea I submited to DUNGEON some 5 or 6 years ago - but failed to follow up on. This is a good possibility for something completely different.
  • Troupe and Entourage Gaming Review. I've collected a sizable list of online resources about this style of gaming, and posted about it twice before as well. I even bought a stack of old White Wolf magazines on Ebay so that I could get my hands on an article written by Jonathan Tweet about Troupe Gaming from 1987 (White Wolf #21). This method of gaming has been increasingly intriguing to me lately - I'm thinking a review. Would this be interesting to any of you. 
Let me know what you want to see. Blogging about D&D is a new side of the gaming dice I have only recently explored and I'm not sure what I'm doing right and where I need improvement. Your feedback would be a big help.

Thanks! Until next time - GAME ON!


  1. As a lurker who reads this blog, I first have to say I like your take on subjects. As to what to write about - hmm. You'll get more traffic with the Core Lists and Core Conversions for sure. I personlly like the Dead Queens idea myself.

  2. @ ostar : Welcome! thanks for peeking out from behind the curtain!

    Core Lists - I like them too; they're easy to do (morning coffee), help me learn the RAW more (gives me a reason to read the rules; I usually like fluff more than crunch); and the lists are a lasting resource on the tubes (so long as I don't take down my google docs). I'll keep at it.

    Conversions - I keep doing these; but likely only as i need to. Since my current game is set in 3E FRCS I sometimes need to convert things to 4E. When I do that - I'll post a formal write up on the blog for everyone to chew on.

    DQM - I really enjoyed writing up The Dead Queens of Morvena. Although, after chewing on it for a month or more - I see the holes and know how to patch them up. An audience of one is good enough for me - so I'll focus my efforts there.

    Again.. thanks for saying 'hello'!


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