September 29, 2008

D&D Flamed by Boise State Newspaper

The ultra-geeks among us have Google News feeds for key words like "Dungeons and Dragons" or "Role Playing Games" because... you wouldn't want to miss anything, right? OK, ok... maybe its just me; but I digress. One of the interesting side effects of this sort of ultra geekery is that it also serves as a surveillance mechanism - you can spot any article from anywhere instantly that maligns our much beloved hobby and then venture out and destroy the evil where it rests. (insert sarcasm here)

Here's an example:
Truth or Dare: A romantic evening with Dungeons-and-Dragons Boy
by SHANNON MORGAN, Editor-in-Chief

Now, Boise State's Independent Student Newspaper may not be the pinancle of news sources - but nonetheless this was somewhat funny to read. Says Ms. Morgan,  
"I went on one such date with a man I’ll call “Dungeons and Dragons Boy” (I’m certain if you look under his bed you’d find a blow-up warrior-princess doll, underneath stacks of old dragon posters and Halo figurines)."
Crap! She's figured us all out! Then she goes to say,
"All this dude contributes to the world is an encyclopedic knowledge of D and D and a habit of getting girls drunk on dates so it’s easier to get in their pants. Creepy!"

Its really worth the read. She's probably one of the best student journalists on the planet...

So - to Ms. Morgan: I'm half-thinking I'll devote an entire blog roll just to your stupid anecdotal stories about dating and being a such a superb scholar at Boise State. In fact, I think I'm going to have to request to be added to your LinkedIn network as well - I'm sure the 3 people in your network are just as insightful as yourself. Thank you.

On a side note: WHY god oh WHY are so many D&D fans really such dumbasses... someone should remove that guys D&D license. LOL...


  1. There's dumbasses everywhere...D&D is just such a unique marker on a person that any weirdos associated with it are automatically identified by it, thus bringing down the standing of normal D&D players...and stereotypes form...

    Why can't all the weird, creepy psychopaths go play football instead?...

  2. Hilarious. Since she has taken the liberty of making unfounded assumptions...

    I am sure her tramp stamp above her low rider jeans only encouraged and her party girl mentality only further encouraged him to think that alcohol was the key to the gate of what is obviously a well a traveled path.

    ... end outrageous assumptions. I need to go pump up my blow-up warrior princess doll.

  3. I'm sure she's only ever had one bad experience dating. That only demonstrates she needs to go out on dates more often... And that whiny geekette needs to date a few more geeks.

  4. Journalism students. It takes time for them to learn their ropes to cast down their bias opinions and learning to write with facts.

    It takes them quite a while or it takes them forever.

  5. So, she's the editor-in-chief of a student newspaper, and she goes out with a 35 year old. Obviously, he had something to offer or else there wouldn't have been a second date. Sure, the guy may have been a putz with talking about D&D, but really? Would it have been any better if he had gone on about his muscle car obsession?

    What's worse is that I seriously doubt D&D boy even was into D&D. The whole thing probably got twisted to make it more acceptable to her. His politics probably rubbed her wrong (hinted at briefly) but she didn't want to alienate readers, thinking D&D was the safe bet.

    Makes me sick really.

  6. I sent her an email in our defense..though I think it would be funny if someone gave her office a ring at 208-345-8204 and asked some questions. :)

  7. Well, according to her MySpace page she's one of the "Cherokee Indian bitches" and her free time is taken up by the amount of "Man Candy she has to seduce." I guess the time she went out with D&D Boy there was a sugar shortage in Boise. :)


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