September 30, 2008

RPG Blog Carnival Continues...

Well, I'm very happy to report that my idea for the RPG Blog Carnival has taken off. The second round of the carnival has wrapped up over at The Flumph Sanctuary where the topic was "HOMEBREW". It was a huge success, with something like 40+ entries. Now, there's a schedule for future RPG Blog Carnivals #3 (october) through Carnival #6  (january) and some of the 'bigguns' of the RPG Blogging Community have taken notice and are participating.

The schedule for upcoming carnivals and the closing summaries for past carnivals can always be found at the permanent site I set up: The RPG Blog Carnival blog. (a blog about a blog carnival... heh)

The 3rd RPG Blog Carnival is expected to be announced over at the Musings of a Chatty DM in a couple days with the topic  "Super Heroes in RPGs". More details will of course come from Phil over on his site: so stay tuned! Looking forward to it!

In the meantime, here's a quick review of the current schedule for upcoming RPG Blog Carnivals:

Already Completed:
  1. August 2008
    The Core Mechanic
    Character Death, Resurrection, and The Undead
    Start - Close
  2. September 2008
    Start - Close


  1. October 2008
    Musings of the Chatty DM
    Super Heroes in RPGs
  2. November 2008
    The Dice Bag
  3. December 2008
    Critical Hits
  4. January 2009
    New Year's Gaming Resolutions
If you are an RPG blogger and would like to participate in the RPG Blog Carnival - please head over to THIS PAGE and sign up.

Meanwhile -- make sure you VOTE for the 'official' logo for the RPG Blog Carnival. Voting Closes on October 4th!

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