April 11, 2009

Arounds the blogs...

Restarting this series to be a weekly feature has seen some false starts... hopefully this will be the last. Here's a short of list of things I've been reading and keeping up with:
  1. This page has an absolutely crazy number of links to webpages about Worldbuilding.
  2. Monster Cards for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons... extremely useful; although rapidshare is annoying...
  3. /HACK has a great list of current D&D / RPG fanzines and magazines here. Between all those subscriptions, DDI, and all the blogs I subscribe to - how do I get anything done?
  4. Crystal Frasier, one of the artists who contributed to Open Game Table, has started blogging about RPGs. She's got a great article, "Are you Threatening Me? Kobolds!" over here.
  5. Looking for a bit of randomness in your game? At-Will posted about a Minor Deck of Many Things for 4E. Very kewl IMHO.
  6. The Church of the Radiant Polyhedron is upon us!!! MadBrewLabs scares the hell out of me with "The Libris Mechanica Sanctus", it's almost as if he's making a parody of our hobby....
  7. UNnatural 20, a great resource for original monsters, has written "4E Magic Items Leave me Cold and Indecisive". He may have a point, but it seems that this is an opportunity for the community churn out some really cool 4E magic items.
  8. Encounter-a-Day, aka ASMOR, has released a kick ass standalone version of their monster maker application.
  9. Speaking of software - NewbieDM also points us to Masterplan, a really sweet campaign planner and combat tracker etc etc.
  10. And The Society of the Torch, Pole & Rope reminded me that DungeonCrafter was actually a great way to chalk up old school dungeons in no time.
That's it - I try to limit it to 10 links. Of course there were tons of links I could have tossed in about Dave Arneson (may he rest in peace) and about PDFGate. I should also add that there are tons of reviews of Open Game Table out and about on the blogosphere - I counted 18 last time I looked - since the book has been released. While it hasn't helped sales much, it's still a way cool feeling to know everyone who has received it has enjoyed it!


  1. A parody! Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe, I'm being serious here.

  2. The Deck of Many Things seems just awesome, though the number of effects is awful. With 22, you can't use a d20, you can't use tarot, standard cards come in suits of 13...

    I suppose you could add two more effects and roll a d4 and d6 for 24 possibilities. Or just remove two and go with the d20...


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