April 22, 2009

Top 5 Campaign Settings I Want for 4E D&D

This is a list of the top five campaign settings I want to play 4E D&D with.
  1. Roman Britain (circa. 410 AD) - The year the Roman Legions left Britannia was the year the Dark Ages began and also marked the beginning of several major migrations of new people and cultures into the Isles. A mythical, low-fantasy campaign setting for 4E D&D set in these times would rock.
  2. Dark Sun - need I say more? Hopefully Robot Viking is right... the Mad Max, everything goes DS setting would be great - plus, think about all the players that would suddenly pick up the Endurance training.
  3. Ravenloft / Borovia - Strahd as a level 30 Solo. Now there's something to chew on.
  4. Planscape - Oh come on... Torment was the best cRPG of all time. Perhaps all that was developed for that video game, plus the previous editions of Planescape could be updated for 4E? Oh wait... it is already in the Manual of the Planes? I don't have that book yet... hmmmmm
  5. Mystara / Hollow World / Savage Coast - Since 4E is the new Old School D&D; updating the old basic edition campaign settings for 4E would be a good move. Plus, just think of all the grognards that would blow their tops. It could happen... it could happen...
If you could pick five, or one, campaign setting you would like released for 4E - please do tell!! I have a real soft spot for pre-Authurian British mythology; but considering TSR/WotC never released anything close (save for a few supplements in 2E AD&D and a couple dragon magazines), I may just have to start developing that myself.

[goes back to the drawing room]


  1. I never was a big Mystara or Hollow World fan, but I'd like to see a Victorian Steampunk setting (sort of like Ravenloft: Masque of the Read Death but with Steam).

    Oh and a Pulp WWII setting with Nazi Zombies!

  2. My top 5 would be:
    5 Dark Sun
    4 Ancient Egypt (or a generic Egyptian/Arabian adventures book)
    3 Oriental Adventures (doesn't need to be Kara-Tur or Lot5R, generic OA setting is fine)
    2 Spelljammer (include neogi, focus or key settings like Rock of Bral)
    1 Planescape (expand on MotP, more on the current state of the factions from Sigil)

  3. I prefer Strahd as he was originally as an enemy for a level 5-7 group, not as a level 30 monstrosity.

  4. @rpgcharacters -- true. Actually... you are probably right. Strad is kind of "too cool" to miss, and placing him midstream (now early paragon in my book) would likely be a much better option.

    maybe a young sthrad vs. an old sthrad?

    RAVENLOFT.. and DARKSUN seem to be the winners here. wohoo!

  5. Well what can I say about Dark Sun and Ravenlot. LOL!!! Two great tastes, that go great together!

  6. Mystara was always one of my favorite as well. I used to follow the voyage of the princess arc religiously..

    All those tales of Cynnabar, Rakastas, Heldannic knights...I think I just had a nostalgiagasm.

    Thanks :)

  7. Gotta be Planscape or Brithright for me. Most fun settings that TSR ever released.

  8. Spelljammer

    Anything Ancient Egypt (then I could port in my Stargate campaign)

  9. I'd have to choose:
    Dark Sun
    Oriental Adventures
    SpellJammer and...

    STAR FRONTIERS!!! Yes, I know this isn't a "fantasy campaign" setting, but this was my favorite sci-fi game, and Wizards should totally revise this property to use the 4E rules. "Dralasite Thunder Punch", "Yazirian Gliding Attack". Come on! You know you love it!

  10. Top Five:
    Dune, the ball was dropped long ago and now that the series is not such a hot property perhaps WOTC can renegotiate term?
    Bas Lag, A fine piece of weirdness that would be wonderful to go exploring in. I'm sure the author would love to work on some unforgettable monsters!
    Hijinx, I know I am going to be panned but playing musicians with the role/source schema is absolutely doable and shows the flexiblity of the system.

  11. Dark Sun and Planescape were the two best settings I have ever run a game in. Hell back when I had time to GM I had a bad habit of turning any campaign into the planescape setting once characters got high enough level. Sort of the way some GMs would do with Ravenloft.


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