April 4, 2009

An interview with Wolfgang Baur

I'm working on a small project that is building a time line of RPG history, and during my wikipedia / googling meanderings I stumbled on a 2-part interview with Wolfgang Baur of Open Design and Kobold Quarterly. The interview was convincing enough that I signed up as a "patron" of Open Design's latest project - if anything becuase I'm curious to see how it _really_ works. Nonetheless, for anyone outside the industry (like me), the interview was enjoyable to read with a frank point of view; so I thought I would share the links.



  1. I jumped in as a basic patron for Wrath of the River King right before it hit the editing phase. I didn't get much access to the development cycle, but it was an interesting experience anyway.

    Now I'm a senior patron for Halls of the Mountain King. It's pricey, but I believe the experience is worth it for a DM (or player!) with any interest in game design whatsoever.

    Glad to see you joined. I've been reading your blog for a while now. What's your handle over there?

  2. @xero - Hiya! i think i set my handle over there as thecoremechanic; although I'm still not sure how to recieve automatic updates - the RSS feed seems to only deliver the non password protected stuff.

  3. Yeah, I couldn't figured that part out either. I just check on the site every day manually. Depending on what part of the cycle the project is on, there's often many posts from Wolfgang (or other contributors) in one day, and the comments take off fast usually. It's easy to miss a lot if you forget to check back at least every day.

    I'll drop you a line over there now.

  4. Because it is a friends only page on LJ you can't get it in your RSS reader. Only those made public are pushed out to their feeds. I, like xero visit it ever day or two.


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