April 13, 2009

Reputation (Part 3)

Last week The Core Mechanic featured Reputation (Part 1) by guest author Ameron of the D&D blog Dungeon’s Master. The first reputation article was aimed at the DM and provided direction for using reputation as a campaign tool.

A few days later Dungeon’s Master followed that up with Reputation (Part 2). The second article in this series provided players with tips for developing the positive aspects of their PC’s reputation in D&D.

Today, Reputation (Part 3) appears on Dungeon’s Master. The third and final article in this series provides players with advice for how to work on their reputation when things don’t go quite as expected.
  • False Heroes
    You’ve been credited with someone else’s deeds, what do you do?
  • Anything But Heroes
    Your misfortunes and failures precede you. How do you make things right again?
  • Larger Than Life Heroes
    Can you live up to a reputation run amok?
Check out the final installment in this series on reputation in D&D on Dungeon’s Master.

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