April 9, 2009

Kobold Quartlery #9 - INTERVIEW with DAVE ARNESON + Free Dice

Open Design has just released Kobold Quarterly #9. It's my first subscription copy of the magazine, so it was a nice surprise to see it land in my inbox. Hopefully the print copy will show up in a few days. Inside this issue you will find and INTERVIEW WITH DAVE ARNESON plus a new column by Monte Cook, some additions for 3E Bards, a new race for 4E (Fox Folk!), a Bat God, and an ecology of article on the Maenar -- just for starters. There's five 4E articles and ~10 for the 3E/OGL crowd. And... a BANDIT LAIR!! Something for everyone I suspect.

Personally, I think the interview with Dave Arneson is amazing. May the gods be with him. With all the news about his mortal illness, his apparent death, then the news about not having passed, and then finding out that he has passed on. -- it is so damn timely. May he rest in peace; I believe this interview in KQ was probably his last. Frankly, it's historic.

This issue of KQ9 is packed full of goodness, not only does it have the aforementioned interview with the co-creator of D&D (a legend!), but we also are treated to a piece by Monte Cook on game theory titled "Brief Glimpses".

I'd be happy to answer any questions about the new issue of KQ. Oh.. free dice. I've noticed that on the KQ site if you subscribe for a full year of KQ now, you'll get a free bag of awesome dice (until they run out I guess).

The last bit of kick-arse news is that the next issue of Kobold Quarterly (KQ#10) will feature an article by yours truly! I collaborated with authors of the blogs Mad Brew Labs and At-Will on an article for 4E D&D - and somehow it managed to sneak past the QC department at Open Design. MWhahhhahahaha.. wohoo!


  1. Oh yeah, I am pretty freakin' happy at our success!

    Now it's time to get me a bag of free dice...

  2. That is awesome!

    Thanks for the heads up about the interview. I use to subscribe, and I keep finding myself pickup up issues... should probably resubscribe.


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