April 2, 2009

I do...

Inspired by this post over at The Art of the TPK - I'm thinking a gamer can go a long way towards breaking the ice with other gamers by simply telling them what they "do" in their games. This same thing probably applies to blogs as well...

So, what do I do? lemma tell you...
  • I do roleplaying with voices and sometimes props.
  • I do cryptic runes and burnt, hand drawn maps
  • I do riddles and poems
  • I do epic campaigns that always aspire for greatness but never (maybe once) actually reach that lofty goals
  • I do FRCS (gasp!) and short-lived homebrews
  • I do laptops at the table, but recently they've been banned
  • I do miniatures now, but only since 3E
  • I do fantasy (any game), cyberpunk (shadowrun), and d20 modern
  • I do espresso martinis, imported beer, and baked goods
  • I do cheap beer, chips, and take out Chinese.
  • And yes... I do like to post April Fools posts to my blog.
What do you do? Leave a comment, or track back, and let me know... I'm curious to see what the Web 2.0 gaming crowd is into.


  1. Interesting idea. I just finished a whole blog post (it's in the queue) about where my hobbies collide.

    I think I'll write this up per your request

  2. Here's the link

  3. I do voices when I DM.

    I do epic campaigns where heroes save the world.

    I do homebrew.

    I do fantasy and superhero.

    I do miniatures.

    I do pizza and pop.

  4. Wow...wondered where all those coremechanic hits were coming from :)

    This is great, IT helps us realize we really arent as different as we sometimes make ourselves out to be. That CAN be a good thing.

    I hambone it up pretty hard, I even occasionally hiss and make angry faces at them :)

    Only busted out the warface one though :)

  5. i do cthulhu
    1 do it with GURPS now (no going back)
    i do more time on props sometime than any other preparation
    i do home cooked meals shared before the game
    i do the other guys houses if the wife is out and they have to look after the kids
    i do standing up and pacing
    i do a great story line and meta narrative arch
    i do characters in one session, who return 4 sessions later
    i do corn chips and home brewed beer
    i do video footage
    i do short stories in between sessions
    i do Miskatonic U. with my own GURPS-based education system
    i do late nights

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  7. I love the idea and have a post of my own coming out tomorrow:

  8. I put mine up at my blog and the trackback didn't seem to work.

    trackback: i r doing it wrong


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