April 9, 2009

Reputation (Part 2)

On Monday, The Core Mechanic featured the article Reputation (Part 1) by guest author Ameron of the D&D blog Dungeon’s Master. The first Reputation article was aimed at the DM and provided suggestions on how to incorporate and use reputation in your game.

Today Reputation (Part 2) appears on Dungeon’s Master. It’s aimed at the players and explores how the choices you make during your adventuring career will have a direct impact on your PC’s reputation.
  • Local Heroes
    You’re famous for all the right reasons. People love you and you take full advantage of having a reputation that was hard earned and well deserved.
  • Unsung Heroes
    Try as you might, you just haven’t had any luck gaining praise for your deeds. You’ve done everything right, but people haven’t heard of you.
  • Anonymous Heroes
    You’ve chosen not to take credit for your deeds. You’re not in it for the fame, and you’ve taken steps to avoid unnecessary recognition.
Check it out and be sure to look for Reputation (Part 3) on Dungeon’s Master early next week.

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