November 23, 2008

About The Core Mechanic...

HEY! The Core Mechanic smashes down the barriers of conventional RPG theory. It's a blog. It's an obsession. It's daily content, reviews, and news for RPG freaks like you and me. Forget the rest; I'll give you links to them if they are worth reading. Want the freshest perspectives from the vast garden of RPG blogs? Subscribe to The Core Mechanic today and smell perfection for yourself. Your d20 will love you for it. Your miniatures will smile when you're not looking too (creepy but true). Your characters will jump off the page and become the real-life hyperboles every fiber of your nerd soul wants them be.

You know its true - but, I guarantee it.

Don't believe me? Then ask yourself: Who started the weekly rush of "Around the blogs..." that covered the best RPG blogs of the week? I did. Who created Open Game Table - the groundbreaking new RPG blog anthology that is taking the Web 2.0 gaming community by storm? I did. Who started the RPG Blog Carnival - the common ground event that has pulled hundreds of blogs together each and every month? I did - and I'm Jonathan "Rolls 20's While Sleeping" Jacobs and I'm the author and creator of The Core Mechanic. Now get off this elevator and either go pray at the New Temple of RPG or be punished by the intertube trolls of yore. The choice is yours, the trolls are on B1.

[DING] "Level ... 30."

Excuse me, this is my floor...

The Core Mechanic is constantly evolving - in addition to providing content and commentary on D&D, we are also willing and able to provide press release news and product reviews for hobby game publishers looking for an outlet in the RPG blogging community. We are also always looking for new guest bloggers, writers, and artists as well. Interested? Contact TCM today.


Below is the OLD introduction... which was changed to the above introduction after a ProBlogger 31-days to build a better blog event - and some other RPG  bloggers thought I should change my old "elevator pitch". Hahah!


The Core Mechanic is a creative space dedicated to role playing game content, news, and reviews. It is home to new, independent content for both players and game masters of Dungeons & Dragons and other games, as well as the highly reviewed RPG blog anthology: Open Game Table. The Core Mechanic benefits from more than 20 years of experience and always looks to present a fresh perspective on role playing games.

Hopefully you will find something fun and innovative that you can take back to the game table with you.

A note from TCM's creator, Jonathan Jacobs:
In terms of gaming - I've been playing RPGs, mostly Dungeons & Dragons and other d20 games, since about 1981. In addition, about 80% of the time I'm usually the DM at the table. Over the course of my gaming "career" I've run somewhere around 15 campaigns that lasted more than a year and have enjoyed gaming with about 50 or so different people. Other than this blog, my only other contribution to the D&D Internetz was a piece of software that generated equipment for NPCs using 3E and 3.5E rules.
I started this blog in the Summer of 2008 with a bright-eyed and ambitious mindset. Jump first, ask questions later! I wanted to get back into RPG gaming, down low and at a nerdish level I was at in college. Thus, the goal of The Core Mechanic was simple "Hey! I have an idea! How about I write about games in a blog!?"  That's never been done before right? ...


  1. Hey, we started almost around the same time (blogging, i mean)! And I too didn't know about the big names except for ChattyDM's and it was through his blog that I found out about the RPGBN, that's was when the blog was probably 1 month old.

    You've made some really big contributions to the bloggers network, so keep up the good work!

  2. I started at the same time as well, and also believed myself mostly alone. The only big name I knew was Critical Hits. Then I found the Network and all.

    Actually, my blog was like 2 years old, because I made it, wrote a bit about anime, and forgot about it. Back in the Summer 2008, people from GameFAQs and GITP started wanting more of my advice and opinions and gaming material, so I decided to use the blog to house all of that for them to consume. Now my audience has managed to go beyond just GameFAQs and GITP. I decided it'd be boring to me to just re-write what I always post on those message boards, so I developed my typical voice then.

    Anyway Jon, I'm very pleased with your blog, so keep the stuff flowing!

  3. So why did you pick the pseudonym "Jonathan Drain"? It sounds unusual enough I figured it must be your real name.

  4. Hey all! thanks for stopping in and offering your complements! =D

    @Noumenon - I am _not_ Jonathan Drain. That's another human being. Sorry if I somehow confused you - but, he's not me and I'm not him.

  5. Well, there you go, your "about me" page has succeeded in informing people that you are not Jonathan Drain! Sorry, I just started using Google Reader last week and I also removed one of my brain lobes with a penknife.

  6. Cute. Level 64.. 65.. 66. 67 How many floors are in this building?

  7. 70... but I think Blizzard's new expansion raised it to 80. I haven't played WoW in a while though...

  8. reading this post now... even knowing that it was a joke at the time ... seems somehow messed up... I should probably rewrite it... makes me sound like an donkey's arse.


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