November 5, 2008

THE CRS’TCHEN Debacle...

This month's RPG Blog Carnival has the topic "Religion", something I hope to contribute my own original content to later this month. However, I'm loath to repeat what may have been written about any topic, especially within the context of Dungeons & Dragons. So, before I start writing something fresh, I usually like to do some research and background reading. I'm fortunate in that I have access to the complete published works of everything TSR and WotC published in PDF format - this, as you might imagine, makes doing such research much easier. During the course of my preliminary reading, I came across an interesting article in Dragon #17 (August, 1978) titled "THE CRS’TCHEN" by Dennis Chapman. I then later found in Dragon #24 (April, 1979) some Letters to the Editor that some rather angry readers cited this earlier article.

Without commenting on the content of the original work, or the editorial replies, I present the contents of both here for your interest.

Here are the Letters to the Editor that followed.
So, while I chew on that, I'm going to think about what not to write for this months carnival. Heheh...

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  1. I need to make a monster that comes to your door every week and attacks you with pamphlets. If you kill one, another will come the next week.

    The only way to end the insanity is to join or to slay their fabled 144,000.

  2. Kudos to the editors of the Dragon for publishing that (and to you for sharing it). There's no reason that religion should be beyond questioning (I think there's a crushing argument to be made for the opposite, actually; religion should be questioned more completely than anything).

    Heh. But I think you're quite right about what not to write about in the current blog carnival. :)

  3. That's nothing. You should see the letters they got from Satanists..........

  4. I'm curious how the articles for this month's carnival will go. I've been chewing on my own (likely not offensive to anyone) article, but you have to wonder if someone out there will take the plunge. :)

  5. I always get a giggle when I read

    "I am a Christian and I don't mind humour in religion, unless I see it!"


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