November 10, 2008

Blog Anthology Weekly Update (sorta)

Every Monday I've been trying to update everyone as to the status of the RPG Blog Anthology. Well -- seeing as most of last week was spent focusing on preparing for an important interview I have not really done much of anything to move this project forward in the last seven days. To be honest, now that it is over, much of mytime will be spent getting my head back into the game at work this week, so I'm also not too sure how much I'll be pushing the project this week as well.

In any case, we have received a total of 60 nominations (!!) and 52 surveys have been filled out. That is 10 more nominations and 22 more surveys than last week! WOHOO! So, even in my absence, things have continued to move forward. Remember, my own goal is for 100 submitted nominations by December 1st, and every nomination and survey entry counts as a chance to win a free copy of the Anthology once it is published.

That's it for now.

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