November 9, 2008

OMFG... how many 5-olds can you fight off you?

Ok... this has NOTHING to do with RPGs... but I was laughing so hard I just had to link it. Plus, it's Sunday - so I doubt anyone is reading this anyway...

Best question: "Do you have any experience fighting swarms, such as being chased by a bunch of pissed-off bees or playing starcraft against the Zerg?"

Curious to find out how many five-year olds you could fight at once? GO HERE and fill out their questionnaire.


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How many can you take?


  1. I did have six of my grandkids on top of me last night and they were able to pin me down. Aged between 1 year old and ten years old they had me held down and I couldn't get up without hurting them!

  2. The real question is... how many five-year-olds can CHUCK NORRIS take in a fight?

  3. @gregor leblaque - I believe the only possibly correct answer to that question is...all of them.

  4. 31!!! I took out 31 5 year olds! I bet I could double that with a 3 iron :)


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