November 25, 2008

Look what I found...

While doing some research on the backstory and history of Tharizdun for an upcoming post, I StumbledUpon! this page...

Some of the PDFs were busted - so this tool can be used to fix them. No doubt, this might be a real resource for DMs looking for any of those long lost Dragon or Dungeon magazines, or older D&D rulebooks in PDF format.

Well, that's about it for today. Ciao!

** I have NO IDEA who is hosting those PDF's. Make sure you protect thyself with a good virus scanner. I haven't found any, but you can never be too sure.


  1. Thank you! I was recently looking for something of this sort...

  2. I recommend using the GetRight program to get these files. First, you can get many files with a click and drag instead of twenty clicks. Second, you can pause and resume those big 50 MB downloads. Third, you can put a speed limit on so you can do other surfing while it downloads, or just walk away and have it get them overnight.

  3. Not that I care much (I'm a big supporter of Founder's Copyright or less)

    But that site (for USA at least) is a severe copyright violation. And since the music and movie industry has bought our politicians each and every file you download is a federal crime worth $250,000 and a few years(3 or 5 can't remember) in prison. And several court cases have found that just providing links is contributory infringement.

    Not that the publishing industry is pursuing cases as vehemently as RIAA.

    Still, rather shocking to see such a blatant crime nonchalantly posted about.

  4. While I may be somehow "supporting" this idiot who put all these PDF's up on the Net by providing a link - I do not condone this practice in any way. Like I said.. i was looking for a hard to find Dragon mag - and then StumbleUponed it.


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