October 21, 2008

d20 Cufflinks...

Last Saturday night was one of those "Wait... what was I doing?" nights. Two good friends of mine finally tied the knot and threw a kick ass, open-bar all night with a good DJ kinda wedding. It was a fun time... the kind I rarely get to partake of now that I'm getting grey in the beard.

What does this have to do with gaming? Well.. the bride and groom are both big-time gamers - both are probably as much of a couple of stand up dorks as I am. This post is dedicated to them (you know who you are!). For example, here are the cufflinks the groom had as part of his tuxedo:

Yeah... the picture looks staged, but it wasn't. Them's the real-deal: solid plastic, silver backed black d20's. =D

You can pick up your own pair over at Etsys.com. That whole site has tons of awesome dork-in-the-office-place stuff. Personally, I might have opted for the Green Space LEGO Smiley Silver Cufflinks.

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  1. I want a pair of Awesome Face cufflinks. But I'd probably have to get those custom-made. They'd also be the epitome of dork.

  2. My wife's high school reunion is coming up, I needs me a pair of those d20 cufflinks... she'd be so embarassed.

    Oooh, I like the skull shield Lego ones too

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  4. I plan on getting a pair of Custom D20 cufflinks for my finacee and his groomsmen at our upcoming wedding... assuming I can survive the wedding planning that long. >_<

    But YAY for great ways to be geeky at a wedding. ^_^


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