October 14, 2008

Super Awesome Brain Exploding Exposition

Maybe you already have the link from Musing of a Chatty DM. Maybe not. So, in case you missed it...

There's something over at another blog that made my head explode (and I think Chatty's too). Here's an excerpt:

"...Dungeons & Dragons is of the latter sort - it's a framework for story development, cravenly marketed even now as a combat game with storytelling elements. D&D labours under a lot of deadweight. The worst of it is the need to be a 'fantasy' game - when everyone knows, before the ritual day of their forgetting, that fantasy has no shape and no genre, that its power comes from its shapelessness, its individuality, the rough and dangerous work of sharing it..."
Follow the link below to

OK, its late ... and I'm still at the lab waiting for unseen things to happen in tiny little tubes. Maybe I should go get a coffee... in the meantime, enjoy the above linked post.

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