October 10, 2008

Diablo III - Wizard Revealed...

From an article over @ Gamespy.... check it out for some juicy previews

I recently cut the cord with Warcraft about 6 months ago (after 3+ years) - I doubt I'll ever play another MMORPG again due to its time requirements. The single-player, pick up and play aspect of Diablo was, however, something I always liked about the game. Diablo III looks awesome, and seems like it is going to fill that arcade-style gameplay I'm looking for.

Anyone else planning on play Diablo III when it comes out? You think WotC will release a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons supplement for Diablo III, like they did for previous editions?


  1. I love Diablo and Diablo 2, so I'll be sure to give Diablo 3 a go... Especially now that you can attack the darkness.

  2. I'll definitely be picking up D3 when it comes out. Like you I've sort of given up on MMOs (an MMO is not a game, it is a lifestyle choice), but I still want to play some hack and slashy fantasy RPGesque goodness. Diablo 2 served that up by the truckload, and I expect D3 will as well.

  3. Hey all! Thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah... after 3+ years sucked into WoW... i'm on an official video game hiatus (save for playing Wii with my son). I have just no interest in video games right now... but by the time Diabblo is released, I'm sure I'll be ready. It looks like its going to be totally badass.


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