October 15, 2008

The National Institutes of Health & Harry Potter's World - no really...

There will be a series of talks, seminars (lunch) and an excellent ongoing exhibit here at the NIH's Library of Medicine that aims to explore medieval medicine and the cultural, ethical, and medical underpinnings of Harry Potter's World.

OK... yes, US tax payer money is paying for this... I won't even ask how... but since I work at the NIH, I'm definitely going and just going to enjoy it.

Also, the events are open to the public (you have to go through security though, no biggie), so if you are interested and live in the DC area - head over to the above URL and consider coming to the NIH for something different. The exhibit Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine will be on display at the National Library of Medicine from September 15, 2008 until December 31, 2008.

Heck, if your planning on coming to any of the events, let me know too!

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  1. Jonathan-thanks for the heads up. This would've been monumental a few years ago when my 14 year old wasn't afraid to admit he liked Harry Potter. Our two year old hasn't grasped Potter yet.

    I didn't realize you worked at NIH. That's about 12 miles from here! Not that I'm a stalker or anything...just sayin'. :-)


  2. Yep! I live in rockville. lemme know if you plan on stopping by the exhibit.

  3. Does rockville realy rock, thats where rock and roll should realy have come from;)

  4. well i didnt know events are open to public

  5. i would have thought it's a good thing that your taxes are paying for this!


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