October 30, 2008

Nothing today... i just posted something over at Kobold Quarterly though...

Not much to say - my Halloweeny contribution is scheduled for tommorrow morning. I did, however, just post something over at Kobold Quarterly's forums.
A few weeks ago there was some hubbub about an unrecognized division in the RPG gaming community between those who are part of the online RPG gaming community (via forums, blogs, wikis, websites, etc) and those who are not. While the gap is probably shrinking, out it all came the understanding that the RPG Blogging community was largely an untapped resource by not only the 'offline' gaming crowd, but also by those who frequent forums as well.

The format of blogging lends itself to a completely different type of content than forums. Good RPG blogs have meaty, in-depth posts that mirror the type of material seen in print journals like Kobold, Dragon, and Polymancer. The content of the very best blogs is also on par, if not better than, many of the published adventures, supplements, and other in-print RPG products available. And it is all out there for the taking - for free.

A huge problem, however, is navigating the blogosphere to find what you want. For an uninitiated 'outsider' of the RPG blogging community, it can be maddeningly frustrating since there is alot of 'crap' along with the juicy good stuff. Of course, people can be pointed to the RPG Bloggers Network for a place to start - a site that is a great leap forward for the community, but that is also like drinking from the proverbial firehouse.

I recently proposed that the RPG blogging community should organize an annual Anthology of that featured the very best in RPG blogging. This printed book would mirror the same effort that was done in the science blogging community with Open Laboratory; albeit with a wholly different audience. A few days later I announced that I would take up the helm myself, and I set up a working group of volunteers to help get things moving. A nomination form followed, as well as a survey for 'market research' etc. Not plug too hard here, but I'm happy to say that the project is moving forward and we've received 48 nominations thus far.

So... why am I posting this here in this forum?

Well, I have found that each online RPG forums is like its own creative pond, largely made up of swimmers and flyers. There are members who fly from pond to pond, inoculating each pond with their own creative input; so too are gaming forums made up of swimmers who prefer the familiar community of the pond they know and can cultivate and take 'ownership'.

I'm curious as to whether the readers of this forum have seen the same divisions I mentioned earlier in this post; those between online and offline RPG gamers. I'm also curious as to the level of "penetrance" the RPG blogging community has in influencing the RPG publishing industry. Finally, how many of you read RPG blogs? And influence, if any, have that community had on your own concepts of the hobby?

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