October 16, 2008

I know... my content has been content free lately...

I just wanted to touch base with everyone who reads The Core Mechanic and let you know why my content has been sorta.. well.. content free lately. Basically it comes down to the fact that I'm up to my eyeballs in projects. Between my RL work, the Core Lists scripts I'm working on (terrain-based 4E encounter generator on the way), and the new RPG Blog Anthology ... I've been extremely busy...

A note to fellow RPG Bloggers - I have noticed recently that not all of you have the option to subscribe to comments enabled on your blogs. You can leave a comment, but commentators have to remember to check back to see if there is a reply or more comments. Enabling an RSS feed for comments is one option, but the good old "subscribe to comments by email" option is best. Please take a minute, log out - and check to see if you can subscribe to comments on your own blogs. =D

So, you'll see more useful content coming out in the next week or so (I have 3 or 4 drafts of things in the works). So, in the meantime - why not head over to Open Game Table and join in on the discussion and planning of the upcoming 2008 Roleplaying Game Blog Anthology! After all.. its your anthology! We've received 28 entries thus far for consideration into the Anthology in only 4 days - a pretty solid start in my book. Keep it up! There's no limit to the number of blog posts that can be submitted! Keep that train rollin...

Are you an RPG blogger? Or a reader of RPG blogs? Then submit your favorite blog posts from any blog to OPEN GAME TABLE: The 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs. More information about this in-the-works project can be found here.


  1. well thanks for this tips. I love blogging

  2. I wouldn't sweat it, unless you have people emailing you that you've never had content. I do, and I don't even have as many readers as you.

  3. Good tip. And blogging ebbs and flows. I know sometimes I'm not as prolific as I'd like. Sounds like you've got some cool stuff in the works, though! :)


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