October 19, 2008

Looking Back: Dragon #5

Here's a note from a MMORPG player about 30 years ahead of his time... in Dragon #5 "Out on a Limb" column...
Dear Mr. Kask:

I would like to tell you about the massive campaign that I have been working on. It is situated on the hypothetical world of Loera, a world of infinite possibility in fantastic adventure. Although it is not our own Earth, it is only about eleven light years from our world, and therefore most of the culture is a parallel of our ancient cultures. However, the scope and size of the campaign is so much that I cannot create and run it all. Therefore, I am putting it on a national basis so as to get the entire campaign running. I need fifty-five DungeonMasters with time, and good judgment, who are willing to run an area about 600 by 600 miles. Each DM would gather up about twenty players, fill in any needed terrain and dungeons, and run that section, sending me monthly reports to keep the campaign up to date. Those who are interested, write to this address: [removed], Muskegon, MI ...

I hope that this campaign will prove to be a melting pot of ideas — sort of a DungeonMaster’s union. And although I may get the help that I need from the fifty-five, I am planning to expand, so any and all applications will be filled, providing that I receive the mailing address of the applicant. I will then send an introductory letter to explain the campaign further, and if they are still interested, I will send a supplement to use with the Loeran campaign. I hope that the Loeran campaign will be successful — it’s a world of ideas. ...
K.A. Abbot.

I just love it... I was 5 at the time (1977) - so I wasn't playing for another 5 or 6 years, but this is just the sort of naive "I can do it!" attitude I love about gamers... the inset image of the Witch was taken from the same issue (although I'm not sure who the artist "JDW" is).


  1. Ha Ha! That's awesome. 55 DMs? 20 players each? Wow. I would be tearing my hair out!

  2. Ludicrous ambition is one of the absolute cornerstones of the hobby! Can you imagine this ever having worked out? Even trying to coordinate such a thing through the internet would be a full time job.


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