October 23, 2008

4E Core Weapons List

Just thought I would share a list I made after picking up the Adventurer's Vault. I found it frustrating to have to constantly switch back and forth between the books to compare the stats of different weapons, so I compiled a list and printed it out. The result is a consolidated list (w/stats) of the basic weapon types found in the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook and the 4E Adventurer's Vault. I also included a couple of real-cool medieval style firearms that Stargazer introduced a while back over on his blog (go there to read the details about them). In the meantime... enjoy!

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  1. Oh that's excellent. Thank you! :D

  2. Great list! And thanks for including my firearms. :)

  3. Hey all! good morning! =D glad you all are enjoying it. Im thinking I'll use a similar format and make a "nice version" of my other core lists (rituals, monsters, etc)

  4. Very useful, thanks!

  5. Thanks, this is awesome!

  6. awesshum! i glad you all liked it so much. I guess this is reason enough for me to make similar 'nice looking' lists for the other datasets I already have then?

    if you like the PDF, then please do me a favor and 1) fill out the survey for the Anthology; and/or 2) nominate some posts either of your own or from another blog for inclusion into the anthology. Thanks!

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