October 18, 2008

Arounds the Blogs...

Well, it's Saturday morning which means its time for my biweekly edition of "Around the Blogs...". Here's my picks of the week - although, again, some of the these posts are more than 2 years old... gems IMHO:
  • I am the Law - "What would govern the relations of the wildly different races? What self respecting dwarf would abide by judicial decisions made by an elf?" I just love it when people go down the rabbit hole...
  • in defense of bog standard fantasy - "To me setting does not necessarily enter the equation. My idea of a campaign is all about what the PCs are doing right now and the record of their deeds performed in actual play." -- i was going to quote the closing punch line of the post - but it is just too good. (from 2006)
  • How to Set Up a Sandbox Campaign - "Sandbox is OLD SCHOOL. Really old school, if you thought you were old school, you probably were not if you sort of feel bad when a player character dies (DM or player)." A relatively new RPG blogger who deserves some attention writes about something I just cant stop thinking about: Sandboxing, and what it means.
  • House Rules: Supplemental Rules - "It’s deceptively easy to believe that a supplemental house rule won’t disrupt the game because you aren’t modifying existing rules, only adding new ones. Unfortunately, that is often not the case." Gnomestew chimes in on the pros/cons of splatbooks, houserules, and supplimental game material. I love their angle on this.
  • Racing in 4th edition - "a system for running foot races in 4th edition, using athletics and endurance checks (and, optionally, acrobatics checks if hurdles are utilized)." This deserves some attention becuase I don't think it has been addressed anywhere else. Bravo!
  • Old School Building Blocks - "My goal is simply to lay down some basic guidelines on mechanical / methodological elements that contribute powerfully to playing D&D √† l'√©cole ancien." Pay special attention to the Gold = XP debate that is included. Tons O' Comments.. worth the read IMHO.
  • Chatty’s Debates: The Relative Merits of Action-Oriented RolePlaying - "Let’s be honest here, D&D has always had the potential to be all about action, but in editions prior to the third one, it was just one of the playstyles the game could easily embrace, especially in the 2nd edition." There you have it - a comment flood - and some really clarifying point about 4E vs. Everything Else.
Well, that about sums it up. Have a good weekend!

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    1. This is a nice feature of you to include! I look forward to more of these.

    2. Thanks for the plug! I can't resist those rabbit holes.


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