October 3, 2008

Technorati - The State of the Blogosphere 2008

This post has nothing to do with gaming, but might be considered a must read for RPG bloggers (and readers) in general.

Technorati has recently released their State of the Blogosphere 2008 report. In this report, Technorati surveys over 1000 blogs in the hopes of gaining insight into the Who, What, Where, Why and How Much of blogging.

I want encourage all my readers to check it out. There are some extremely interesting trends presented in the data. Here's a couple of quotes:

"The majority of bloggers openly expose their identities on their blogs and recognize the positive impact that blogging has on their personal and professional lives. More than half are now better known in their industry and one in five have been on TV or the radio because of their blog. Blogging has brought many unique opportunities to these bloggers that would not have been available in the pre-blog era."
"One in four bloggers spends ten hours or more blogging each week. The most influential bloggers are even more prolific."
"Blogs are an increasingly attractive platform for advertisers. The majority of bloggers we surveyed have advertising on their blogs. Marketers realize that bloggers are creating high quality content and attracting growing, loyal audiences."
"Brands make up a major part of bloggers' online conversations. More than four in five bloggers post product or brand reviews, and blog about brands they love or hate. Even day-to-day experiences with customer care or in a retail store are fodder for blog posts. Companies are already reaching out to bloggers: one-third of bloggers have been approached to be brand advocates."
In the meantime, I'll leave you with a chart of the number of times the term "Dungeons & Dragons" has occured in blog posts for the last 6-months:

Technorati Chart


  1. I'd have to wager that 4E wasn't nor isn't a failure eh?

    Where do you get these wonderful toys?

  2. the technorati chart is an automated chart that comes from this page:


    if you haven't registered for technorati yet, as a blogger -- its a must DO thing.

  3. one in five have been on TV or the radio because of their blog

    That is total bull. Maybe one in five hundred. I agree that blogging is fun and a good exercise, but it doesn't necessarily translate into fame.

    Maybe Technorati just has a very different definition of "blog" than the rest of us.


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