October 27, 2008

RPG Blog Anthology Update - More Free Loot For You!

Here's my weekly update on the progress I've made in the last week or so while working on the 2008 Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs. As of writing this post, we have received 46 entries into the Anthology - we have made it almost half-way to my goal of 100 submitted entries in only two weeks! The deadline I have set for nominations of the best examples of RPG blogging is December 1st, 2008; so please nominate someone today! If all of my readers nominated one post, we should easily be able to hit the 100 nominations mark.

Dave "The Game" Chalker made the suggestion that I do some market research so that I might be able to tailor the Anthology better to people's exceptions and desires. Well, I'm always open to taking the advice from my peers - so I created an Anthology Survey for gamers to fill out. Its a short survey (4 questions), and anyone who does so has the option to enter their name into a drawing for a free copy of the Anthology once it is published! In the five days it has been running, 20 people have filled it out.

The Anthology project also has received some continuing support from fellow RPG bloggers The Dwarf & The Basilisk, and also from Unclebear.com. Thanks and big "shout outs" to them for their support! In other news, I sent a letter to ENWorld's Morrus Morrissey asking for their support of the Anthology but have yet to hear a reply. Madbrewlabs also suggested a number of excellent resources about the intersections between copyright law, indie publishing and gaming (THANK YOU!). Wyatt, from Turbulent Thoughts, also asked a few questions about the review and post-edit process which I clarified.

So.. why is "more free loot" listed in the title? Well, as of yesterday, all nominations to the Anthology will now be considered as one entry into a drawing for a free copy of the Anthology once it is printed in early 2009. Nominate five blog posts, consider it five entries into the drawing! Nominate 50? It's 50 entries into the drawing!

While I have not decided exactly how many free copies of the book I will be giving away as yet, but I do know that it will be at least two copies (one for the survey drawing and one for the nominations drawing) and very likely many more than that. It really all depends on how well the project continues to chug along and how much support I continue to recieve from the blogging community. So, make some noise on your own blog about this! And...


  1. Added a link to the top of my sidebar. Keep up the good work, man!

  2. NICE!!! Thank you for the support!

  3. I wonder, should bloggers participate in the survey? We already sort of know what we want from it – it's why we're participating directly. So wouldn't our views sort of wig out the survey, which is intended to get a broader view? (I suppose?)

  4. in an ideal world, maybe yes - but the audience is RPG Gamers - bloggers or not, becuase I don't really have a way to have this survey distributed to ... um... non-blogger RPG sites. I mean, if some nice person or game company wanted to put a link to this on their site - that would rock. But as I've said before: Pipedreams.

    thanks for stopping by Wyatt

  5. I'm planning to make a post about this later today, and I'll whack a link up in my sidebar too. I'm still trying to decide which post from all the blogs I read is the one I should nominate...

  6. Sweet! thanks a million!

    Btw ... you can nominate as many posts as you want! So, why choose? Nominate them all!

  7. Hey all! This is just a quick reminder that there is less than 1 week left for NOMINATIONS to the Anthology! So, if you haven't already done so - please nominate a post or two from your favorite RPG blog for inclusion in the Anthology as soon as possible!

    Here are some useful links -



    By filling out any one of the above forms you also have the option to be included in a random drawing for a free copy of the book once it is published.

    As a final note: if you are an RPG blogger who would like to support this project, then please do so by posting about it on your own blog.

    Thank you!


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