October 6, 2008


On September 2nd, I announced a logo contest for the RPG Blog Carnival. Well, the contest is now over - the score cards are in, and the prizes are ready to be delivered. Thirty one people cast votes (scores) for each of the three entries. As previously stated - each contestant will receive a coupon book for ten "You rolled a Natural Twenty!" coupons; and the winning contestant will also receive a $20 Amazon.com giftcard (courtesy of yours truly).

Our three entries were...

The Clowns
Geek Orthodox

The Party
Mad Brew Labs

The Jester
And the winning entry was...

with an average score of 4.4!!!

Mr. O'Brien will be receiving a $20 Gift Card to Amazon.com, as well as a special, limited-edition coupon book with ten "You Rolled a Natural Twenty!" coupons (shown below). The other two excellent entries from MadBrewLabs and Greywulf will also be receiving the same coupons for use at their game table.

I want to thank everyone who voted!!! 

I also want to personally thank each of the contestants: Greywulf, Mr. O'Brien, and Madbrewlabs!!! 

Please visit the high quality blogs each of the contestants maintain. It is creative people like these that will help shape the face of the role playing game industry and culture in the years to come. Join me in congratulating them - and cram their inbox with comments!!!

For anyone interested: the results were based on an average score from 1 to 5 assigned to each image for each voter. The results of the logo contest are viewable via my Google Photo page for the blog. If you have any questions - just leave a comment and I'll reply soon.

Finally... I would like to say that the 'official' logo for the RPG Blog Carnival is now shown below.


As a final note: the current RPG Blog Carnival is being hosted by Musing of the Chatty DM. Also, the schedule for upcoming RPG Blog Carnivals is available here - if you're a blogger, please sign up to host a month! 


  1. Congrats to Reis!

    His logo really is well rendered piece. I'll have to go add the new logo to my current Carnival posts.

  2. Congratulations Reis! Well deserved too - that's one awesome logo, dude :D

  3. Greywulf, Madbrewlabs, and Geek Orthodox - thanks for participating! But.. as per this post at the RPG Bloggers Group... I need your snail mail postal addresses to send you the kool coupon book. (you think I'm joking... I'm not =D) Send me an email with the info (jonathan DOT jacobs AT gmail DOT com) and I'll send them right out!

  4. Thanks guys! It was a damn good race, eh? You guys both put out some wickedly fun logos, and my hat's off to you both! Well played, gentlemen... well played. ;)

    I'm quite honored to be the winner of the contest, so my thanks to everyone who voted. Also a big fat giant thanks to Jonathan for putting on this contest, and forking over his own hard earned cash for the prizes. You a good man, Charlie Brown!



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