October 28, 2008

4E Ritual Javascript...

Many of you know that I maintain a set of Core Lists for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. While that project has largely taken a back seat to the RPG Blog Anthology I'm working on, it is not completely abandoned. I'm still working on a web-based tool for generating random encounters that takes into account terrain and climate information for monsters (as well as monster ecology) but it may be a while. In the meantime, I've managed to hack javascript enough to get it to make queries to my Rituals list that is hosted on Google Documents as a public spreadsheet. This is cool, becuase it demonstrates that anyone can set up a google docs spreadsheet and use it as a database - 100% free, no-host required solution. The method uses Javascript + JSON and the (very simple) results are shown below. Keep in mind that 1) I'm limited on time these days and 2) I'm a Perl programmer, so Javascript is still a new tongue to me. If any coders are reading this - feel free to check out the source code for this page and let me know whatever strikes you.

Simple script that accesses my remote google documents spreadsheet and displays the data here on the fly...

4E Rituals by level   

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