September 18, 2008

Core Lists: Monsters & Terrain - Update not quite ready

OK, I'm chipping away at the latest version of the Monsters & Terrain Core List - it's proving to be a seriously boring and daunting task because I've decided to change the layout of the table. I'll summarize all the new additions, and changes once its complete, but for now suffice to say that the next version will include a number of additional (filtering) columns for
  1. size
  2. origin
  3. type
  4. keywords
  5. group role
  6. combat role
  7. and whether the creature is a leader (L) or not.
The group / combat role and leadership column was previously on the table, but it was concatenated as one field - making sorting a pain. The new layout separates all those data types out. So, all together this data, coupled with the terrain / environment data I've gathered from previous editions of the game (where possible), should be a nice resource for DM's looking for monsters to fit their homebrew campaign world, setting, or adventure. Or - anyone looking for data to dump into their own project.


real example of recent use:
"Ok, i need a list of all the creatures in the Underdark that have the "fire" keyword that are below level 11... ok done. And it took me about 5 seconds."

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