September 19, 2008

D&D Insider Delayed Again - I CALL VAPORWARE!!!

"...So September is the last full month of the free trial and this month’s compilations will be the last full free issues of Dragon and Dungeon Magazines that we make available. We probably will not be done testing our Ecommerce and Entitlements system in time to launch by October 1st, so you’ll probably get a couple of extra articles for free as we continue to publish three times per week..."
And... did you notice that you'll be paying for the service before all the features are ready? I really, truely hate being a naysayer here - but the fact that you are going to be paying for the things are are available now, while the character creator is still being developed, is a total pile of crap.

In case you missed that last point: I CALL BULLSHIT! VAPORWARE!

"...After we launch our D&DI subscription service, the Character Builder will become our #1 priority. First up will be a public Beta test, then a commercial release, and then our development efforts will move onto the Character Visualizer..."
Are they kidding? The best part is that all the other tools (Dungeon Mapper?) they previously promised are not even mentioned.


  1. I hear you and I also call Shananigans on WotC. 4e has been in development for least 2-3 years and they couldn't get it together before release!
    This whole DDI thing was poorly planned, and poorly executed. Just an all around bad idea for them to attempt.
    The idea was good, just not for them.

  2. You'd think they'd have their stuff together before they announced it, but nope. And what's worse is that they know how many people will still pay for D&DI regardless.

  3. Alot of people seem happy to subscribe just for the magazines. It's still appears to be at the affordable level.

    I agree that it's a really dramatic difference from what was initially planned and what is the situation now for DDI, but this isn't the first time that WoTC dropped the ball.

  4. I think Wizards has too much invested for DDI not to see the light of day. Not that I ever see myself subscribing. Of course, it could go the way of that character generator that could be found in the back of those old 3.0 books...

    I think it is an excellent opportunity for an enterprising company to develop their own compatible, un-infringing 3D table top software. Too bad I don't have more time.

  5. I think Wizards has too much invested for DDI not to see the light of day.

    Sometimes the smartest thing is to pull the plug, even if it hurts. Games Workshop spent millions on their version of Warhammer Online before killing it and giving the rights to Mythic. What they realized was this wasn't what they were good at and it was a money sink. I think some of the grown ups at Hasbro should have a look and step in here as well.

    There are already good online character tools, online map tools and character visualizers from what I have seen Wizards is bringing nothing new to the party and charging a lot for it. Madness. If I were at Hasbro watching this I would asking some very hard questions about now.

  6. It's easy....dont subscribe until all promised features are in. Trust me when I tell you that voting with your pocketbook always works...always!

  7. WOTC's performance to date with any digital initiative is truly pathetic. I have to agree with the statements above. Until all of the features are up and running and I mean FULLY up and running. Not "almost there" then no one should pay for it. I guarantee that the market will send a stronger message than anything else. Just look at their reaction to the GSL. The market rejected it like cancer and now it is under revision. Power to the people.

  8. Hey all! thanks for the comments! Well, in light of the HEROFORGE software - currently in BETA - its a moot point. I expect/hope that HEROFORGE blows the DDI out of the water. Look at what a community developed product can do - its already ahead of what WotC has released.


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