September 19, 2008

Hero Forge Tools for 4th Edition in Beta Testing (FREE)

UPDATE, May 13th, 2009 - Read the interview with Robert Daneri, lead designer of Heroforge 4E, exclusively here on The Core Mechanic.

I "rediscovered" HeroForge this weekend - and I'm happy to report they seem to be making nice headway towards a new HeroForge 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Character Generator. Currently, it is in beta testing, and it looks WAY better than the character generator available from Wizards of the Coast's D&D Insider... oh wait, they haven't released one yet... [snarky snark!]

I'm also really enjoying the 3.5 Town Generator (there's actually two of them) and a few other of the Hero Forge tools from 3rd edition. Real nice, major time saver - catalyst for the imagination if you know what I mean.

Check out character generator - its FREE CHEAP and looks very promising. Here are some screen shots:

click for bigger

I also want to throw in a shout out to It's a low-post rate RPG blog, but there's some good stuff over there (including this link to an old WotC City Builders Web Enhancement that I forgot about).

This post was all the result of reading Cole's excellent post on "Creating City Maps". Thanks Cole!


  1. Thank you for your post at my blog. Like you, I was happy that Heroforge is making an update version of their tools. Best of all, it does not depend on excel like the previous version did, it all runs as a complete program. The only thing I worried about was WoTC coming after them, since the tool would inevitably violate their new license. I hope they don't, since Heroforge is doing them and all of us gamers a huge favor.

  2. @ Cole : thanks for coming by! Well.. i expect they wont because heroforge is free, and I think its being hosted on international servers - making it harder for WotC to "get them".

  3. I have to say that WOTC did a good job with 4th and when they do release their insider I think gamers will respond. They want to make money and therefore will make a product that is irresistible to gamers. Gamers will use Heroforge and they will sign up for D&DInsider.

  4. @ Gamemasterbob : well, as it turns out - after reading far too many entries in the Heroforge forums - a new version of HF may not see the light of day since the current GSL prohibits the use of interactive software (understandably). Oh well...

  5. I need to clear something up. The new HeroForge for 4E will NOT be free. We have put way to much time and personal finacial resources into this to give it away. As for price we are looking at charging between $20-$30. Not quite sure yet.

    Robert Daneri
    HeroForge Software, LLC
    Account & Marketing Manager (Co-Owner)

  6. @ROBERT : FREE / CHEAP... I've edited the above post. Thanks for letting us know. Any idea when the BETA of the software will be available again for download? More importantly, when will HEROFORGE be ready in a final version and how does it compare to DDI Character Generator?

  7. UPDATE, May 13th, 2009 - Read the interview with Robert Daneri, lead designer of Heroforge 4E, exclusively here on The Core Mechanic.


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