September 17, 2008

RPG Network vs. Blogrolling...

Some of you...

OK, who am I kidding?

None of you noticed it, but I recently made some fine tuned changes to the sidebar column on this blog (the skinny right column). I used to have a nav section titled "The Longest RPG Blogroll Ever" - but then RPG Bloggers Network came out and sorta made my blogroll look, well... silly. So, I removed it - and then moved somethings around.

Added a RSS feed for RPG Bloggers Network, New products from, and the latest Dungeons & Dragons posts direct from Wizards of the Coast.

All this stuff is way below the fold - but for some reason I'm still thinking about it. I mean I had "The Longest RPG Blogroll EVER!"... it was a coolio 42 blogs long... i'm kinda missing it... even thought its kinda pointless

Or is it?

OK - I'm going to add back my blog roll - but I need a show of hands. Who wants to be listed?



[then a BIG cane comes out from off-stage...]

OK, I'll go back to data entry my secret project.


  1. I'll show you mine, if you show me yours... err or is it, I'll add you to mine if you add me to yours!

    Heck yeah, add me (MadBrewLabs)!

  2. Hey man, I would love to swap link-roll-blog-love-device-mechanisms with you!

    Turtles All The Way Down


  3. You folks deal in a stranger?

    I have no idea when I'll get around to linking to your sites, but...

    I dig personal blogrolls. The thing about just linking to the network or posting an rss feed is that there is no sense of "the author reads this." Everything on my blogroll is something I read at least once a week. Versus the network; which is where I go when I run out of other blogs to read.

  4. Hey Jonathan

    You've been on my list for awhile. So, I wouldn't mind being on yours.



  5. Add me, add me!

    In return, I'll be sure to add you to mine as well ;)

  6. Done and Done! more to my blog roll... heck, maybe this will end up being the Longest RPG Blogroll Ever.. again! haha!

  7. I definitely find purpose in blogrolls. The blog roll on my site is a list of blogs that I have personally visited and enjoy reading regularly. It helps show readers of your blog that possibly, these other blogs on your list may be of interest to them as well. RPG Network is awesome, but just be viewing the list, there's no which blogs are up your alley, and which aren't. I definitely agree you should bring your roll back.

  8. The Gamer Dome would love to be added! :)

    And I think I miss the longest RPG blogroll ever too. :D

  9. @propagandroid : Added!

    @ everyone else... wow... I had no idea this post would get so many comments. WOHOO! /hatsoff to all of you, TYVM!

  10. A link swap'd be cool. ^_^

    I like blogrolls. There's something more personal about them than RSS feed displays. Maybe it's just an illusion, but there you go.

  11. I agree; there's something highly flattering about being specifically chosen for a blogroll, rather than just being part of a link-to-links. (Which is why I still haven't put one up, oddly enough; used to be I didn't know enough other bloggers, but now the problem is that there are too many good ones!)

    I'd love to be on the roll as well.

  12. I'm going to agree with Ravyn here. I like blogrolls because it tells me what the blogger currently finds interesting and worthwhile enough to share.

    On the other hand, I feel a little iffy about very long blogrolls. Not that I particularly like them (I have personally found a very cool site or two because of your blogroll) but because I get lost in all the options and I can't easily see a hierarchy (which I usually like, even it it changes a lot.)

    That being said, I endorse your blogroll. No network should stop you from saying "Hey, I think this is cool so maybe you should check it out." Long live the The Longest RPG Blogroll EVER!


    PS: I don't have a blogroll in my site as of now, which is not to mean that I do not find the people that I read worthwhile but that I haven't taken the time to properly organize one the way that I would like it.

  13. ADDED x3...

    i may need to rename it back to longest BLOGROLL ever... haha!

    ... or just import the 134 blogs in my Google Reader and add a sidebar dedicated to a GIANT blogroll...

    ... OK.. that would just be silly.

  14. 136 to be exact... yeah; its ridiculous. I usually sleep in the winter.

    SCREENSHOT of my google reader


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