September 3, 2008

The Dead Queens of Morvena Summary PDF

I no doubt had fun writing up The Dead Queens of Morvena and, since I received some encouraging feedback from a few readers, I decided to package up the miniseries into one PDF document. I gave the text a once-over to fix up some minor grammar issues and clarify a few sections, but for the most part it is more or less unchanged. The statblocks also have been cleaned up and now use the cool 4E logo's for the abilities, etc. You can download the file here at the new Google Sites wiki I've set up for this blog: The Dead Queens of Morvena Draft1. If you like it, and would like for me to develop it further, please drop me a line by email or leave a comment. I also love constructive criticism, so please suggest any changes you may have to improve it.

Until next time: Game on!

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