August 5, 2008

ATTENTION RPG BLOGGERS! Captcha error on Blogspot; I may have the fix

Captcha, 404 File Not Found Error with Blogger

Hey all, just a quick FYI - the Blogger "captcha" feature is all bugged out (at least for me and about 1/2 dozen other people I know). This basically means that, when we want to leave a comment on someoneelse's blog (that is hosted by, the word verification step is BLANK. there is no crazy word to decipher. If you right click on the blank space where the word should be (the 'captcha') to view image, you'll get a 404 File Not Found Error. I'm not sure is this is a problem with the users or the blog owners, but I suspect that the Blogger bot has decided your Blog is spam or something and disabled commenting to your blog.

Danny_theDM @ The Art of the TPK!!! This happened to me! I was going to post some real nice comments on your most recent blog entry, including "First Post" of course - but to no avail. PLEASE UNLOCK YOUR BLOG.

If your blog readers cannot comment on your blog, then please go here:
and UNLOCK your blog. I have no idea why this has happened, stupid Blogger... argh!


  1. Please move to :)

  2. Oh and please, reduce, remove the graph... it's blotting out the RPGblogger page somehow...


  3. Gahhh! I have no idea why my site is breaking I've reduced the graphics to 1/2 the size (down to 160px), and I've turned my feedburner settings back to Summary mode of 250 words max. Sry for the bumpy ride. =(

  4. Lol! your smoke signals were seen, and their directions followed. Thanks for the heads up. I THOUGHT it had gotten awful quiet lately.

  5. glad to be of service! Too bad this happened the same day my blog's images (for some unknown reason) blew up =(

  6. We don't actually know what caused the site to crash... needless to say that the 'circle' was very worried and created quite a storm behind the scenes.

    All good now.

    We're working at making better categorization of feeds so that readers can pick and choose what subjects they want to follow... While still including all members' posts.

    This will be awesome.


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