August 25, 2008

Even More Fun with Fonts...

I posted twice last week (here and here) about some cool fonts for gaming. Well, thanks to a tip sent in to Roleplaying Tips 2.0 I also picked up some very cool new True Type Fonts from All together, there are 15 free TTF fonts to download - all available here. My favorite? Well, that would be Dragon Font, pictured below.
In addition, a comment left by an Anonymous visitor pointed me Omniglot. The website's tagline is "Writing Systems of the World" and they have detailed information on hundreds of writing systems and links for font files associated with them. They even have links to fictional fonts from fantasy or sci-fi settings too (Aurek-Besh anyone?). Very cool. Very cool indeed...

get all the posts I've made about fonts in one fell clik.

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