August 15, 2008

More Fun with Fonts

OK, yesterday I posted something about Cirth and Old English runes and Tegwar script; all of which have been used in various stages of Tolkein's trilogy. Doing some more digging LATE last night, I discovered the awesomely simple, crunchy but good, TSR & WotC Font Usage FAQ. It has link outs to just about every font ever used in any D&D product. And most of them are true-type; for those who care.

Love the 3E Forgotten Realms font? It's a modified Masonic font. The Mad Irishman fixed us up with a shareware download for this as well, he calls it "Splendors" font. He also has the new 4E Game Icons as a true type font.

Love the font used for all the 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons magazines, adventures, and supplements? It's called Vitriol. Hmmmm....


  1. horrible bastardization of an emigre font *cringe*! then again, most free fonts or fonts involved with gaming make me cringe... mason is a great font family, but way over used. Not a fan of margo chase's goth fonts either (vitriol, kruella) - think she did the buffy logo and bram stoker's dracula... these sites have some pretty cool fonts:

  2. thanks for the links! duly added to my bookmarks!


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