August 23, 2008

Square, Hex, Anything Generator

Nothing much to say today - only that I stumbled across this page today that generates hex paper (or whatever else you want) on the fly as printable PDFs. The PDFs can easily be cut/cropped and then dropped into any image editing software for maps as well. Very useful little tool for all your home-brew gaming needs.

Incompetech Graph Paper Generator

The hex paper generator is schweet...


  1. If you're into it, you can use Inkscape to import this hex PDF and draw some stuff on it before printing it out. I wrote a little tutorial on how to do it. Then again, Inkscape also has a plugin to do it. :)

  2. @ Alex: Yep! I'm already doing this... but on a mac all i have to do is open the PDF and then save it as a PNG file, then import that into Inkscape. Snap! Easy.

    I love Inkscape; such a great project I just hope it keeps getting better and isn't killed by Adobe or something. Your, btw, tutorial is very good!


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