August 20, 2008

McCainculus - A new D&D Humonculus

Watching John McCain and Barrac Obama have a discussion about religion and leadership - zero dollars.

The price to fill my "economy car's" tank up after eight years of tyranny bliss - $65

Seeing John McCain's face in the page of the Monster Manual - priceless

OK... the image at left was taken from this article over at Wired magazine.



  1. "Tyranny"? Stick to the gaming stuff, guy. But damn if that pic didn't make me laugh a little.

    Besides, the blogger's apology more than made up for it.

  2. @ Zachary : 'guy' here.. thanks for pointing out the typo. I fixed it.

  3. LOVE IT! Revenge is a sweet, sweet served cold I hear.

  4. My fiancee just bought me a T-shirt that says "Dungeons and Dragons playing Obama liberal". It's farking awesome.

  5. @ jason
    I have to get one of those shirts... time to start googling.


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