August 5, 2008

Mithrendain, Citadel of the Feywild

Wizards of the Coast released a juicy bit for DRAGON that supports the upcoming release of the 4E Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The article, "Mithrendain, Citadel of the Feywild" (aka The Autumn City) details a new locale aimed at Eladrin characters and as an adventure setting that is both urban and "fey". Its an interesting read, and I suggest you go check it out; even if you do not play in the FRCS. Here's why: The pdf document has loads of new content that could easily be adapted for any setting, because we all know that statblocks are just numbers on a page, right? Here's a summary of whats included:

Monsters & NPCs

  1. Barrier Sentinel (L9 Elite Soldier)
  2. Mithrendain Gaurd (L2 Soldier)
  3. Mithrendain Guard Captain (L5 Soldier, L)
  4. Watcher of the Night (L12 Elite Lurker)
  5. 3 additional V.I.P. NPCs
Other New Additions
  1. Six new Fighter powers
  2. Three new Wizard powers
  3. Two new Paragon Tier feats
  4. A new Paragon Path with rogue and eldarin as prerequisites (can always be changed)
  5. Four new magic items.

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