August 14, 2008

Cirth, Tegwar, and Old English Rune Generator

For those of you who like to use the occasional prop at your role playing game table, I've found a nice little online generator that produces .png image files for what ever you want to write out in Tolkien's Cirth runes or Tegwar script. Old English runes are also available. It may not be the Dungeons & Dragons specific Forgotten Realms Masonic font (aka SPLENDORS font), but I think it works great for just about all those other "I want my secret puzzle to look cool moments".

For example, here's "The Core Mechanic" written in
Dwarven Cirth
TegwarOld English Runes

Anyway, I just thought this might be a cool tool for any of you DM's out there interested in this sort of thing. Best of luck, and until next time: Game On!


  1. Very cool indeed, thanks for posting this, it's sure to come in handy.

  2. hmmm ... not exactly ... TH has its own unique rune. See

    and so on ...

  3. @ Anonymous : Thanks for the link! It has all the nice additional Middle Earth runes and scripts that the link from the post apparently missed.


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