August 28, 2008

That'll Learn em! WotC puts the smack down on McCainculus

The president of Wizards of the Coast tell's the McCain camp to STFU. Nice!

(shortest post ever? sry.. I'm at work)


  1. Wow... I can't believe the ignorance of this Goldfarb guy. It's good that Wizards stood up to such a baseless attack though. And even better that they donate free games to troops. Thanks for posting - I was entirely unaware of this.

  2. When I saw the comment Goldfarb made awhile back, I really thought this would be a great opportunity for WotC to stand up for the players, and what do you know, for once, they did. First time I've been proud of WotC in awhile now. :)

  3. Being french, I shouldn't be concerned about what your wannabe president and his staff think, but as a DnD player, I find this really stupid. Why alienate millions of people in the world...?


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